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Wilco Airbus Series Vol.1, Throttle Quadrant and FSUIPC

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Hi all,

Users of multiple throttles, Be careful if you buy Wilco, I've big problem, I use :

- FSUIPC 4.072

- WILCO Airbus Series Vol.1

- CH Products Throttle Quadrant

In FSX, I use wilco airbus, the throttles don't work, damn :(

I look support in Wilco, if I disable FSUIPC joystick calibration, it works but not well, because there is no reverser and if I use 2 different throttles the calibrations are not same...

Look this answer of Wilco.......... :

Please note that we don't use FSUIPC as it is not required by our software. Therefore, the support should be done by the developer itself, not by our software developers.

....... :roll:

Pete, if you have idea to fix for this problem, but I'm not sure, I think the wilco developers programmed to read directly material joystick...


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Yes you are exactly right. For some reason, Feel There/Wilco decided they wanted to be free of FSUIPC - which creates issues for people with advanced hardware like throttle consoles. As well as inability to show targets on VATSIM, and the like.

I have the PFC console and it uses pfc.dll, without the use of FSUIPC to pass the variables, the throttle console doesn't work correctly. I've been able to get limited functionality in the manual/idle range on the Airbus by checking "supress interference..." on the pfc.dll menu, but it makes it so that the autothrust doesn't work properly, and the throttles won't move to the detents, that requires a keyboard press on the F2/3 keys.

I've written a couple entries on the forum, but with all of the other issues and bugs, it's not getting any traction. Some people are suggested to just removed FSUIPC from the modules folder to get the aircraft to function correctly....I don't think so. Hope this is not a trend for developers, it's a step backwards, IMHO. :(

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