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Need some help Pete...

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Hey guys (And Pete as usual),

Need some help here with an issue I've never encountered. Yesterday evening, I went into the Sim, setup a flight and was off like usual. However, once in the air (PSS 757) I noticed my AP didn't work. I switched over to PMDG to see if maybe it was a glitch, and the gauges didn't work on that.

I did numerous things until I went to PMDGs website and found a few posts where they directed the poster here for help. From what I gathered, PMDG seems to think that this issue is caused when FSUIPC believes the software is pirated. Well, that certainly is not the case here... and I have the long list of charges against my credit card for validation :lol:

For Pete (Or anyone else who can help) - I did what they said on PMDGs site, and deleted my FSUIPC key. When I did that and just had the unregistered version, all worked well. The moment I registered FSUIPC, everything went out. What does this sound like to you Pete? Is my key bad? A bad file? When I register it, all appears to be well within FSUIPC... so I'm kind've stumped.

Appreciate the help everybody!


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