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Wide FS and FSUIPC

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To all the flight simmers out there.

I am a beginner and have started to build my own cockpit at home and would like to network four pc's to run FS9 but not to sure how the software works. I have not down loaded the software Wide view and FSUIPC because my flightsim pc is not on the internet.

Is there a disk version of both the software?

Do I really need wide view and FSUIPC to have multiple windows running?


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WideView and FSUIPC/WideFS are completely different programs written by completely different people doing completely different things.

I do not think that they are available on disk, but as you obviously have some access to the Internet, even if your flightsim PCs do not, they are such small packages that you could download them on the machine you do have on the Internet and then copy them via something like a USB thumb-drive or burn a CD yourself.

To find out what FSUIPC and WideFS do, download them from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html and read through the very complete manuals included in them.

A full FAQ on what WideView does is available at http://www.wideview.it/faq.htm


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