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Reading Lat & Long from FSUIPC returns odd values

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I have a problem once again, i'm trying to read the current Longitude & Latitude of my aircraft in FS, but using this code:'

Dim dwResult As Long

Dim longfake As Currency

Dim currentLong As Double

Call FSUIPC_Read(&H568, 8, VarPtr(longfake), dwResult)

Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult)

currentLong = longfake * 10000#

currentLong = currentLong * 360# / (65536# * 65536# * 65536# * 65536#)

longitude.Text = currentLong


It returns something like this:


Thats not what i want? :shock:

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You say the value isn't what you want, but is it correct?

While you do not say where the aircraft actually is, I would guess that you are trying your code with the default FSX starting flight near Friday Harbor which does in fact have a longitude near -123.029740092334 in decimal degrees notation which is what your code is written to return.

If you want it to appear in another format like degrees minutes seconds (e.g. W123 1' 47'') or degrees and decimal minutes e.g. (W123 1.784') you are going to have to do the conversion yourself.


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