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PFCFSX Heading bug problem

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I have just started using a CIRRUS II with RIC and avionics box using FSX.

The PFC stuff is about 5yrs old (bought it and it sat just in the attic - never got round to setting up until now :( ).

I am using (registered) versions of FSUIPC and PFC FSX(4.30). Basically it is working but I am having some problems with the controls on the

RIC on the Cirrus II. The problems are related to using the HDG and CRS/DG knobs on the RIC. They are very very "twitchy" and the settings they

control dart all over the place making them all but impossible to use. I noted that these knobs can generate "up fast, up slow, down slow, down fast" commands and took a look at the logs using the "Log all decoded received data" test feature in PFCFSX.

This seems to be the clue because, for example, just 2 or 3 up clicks of the HDG knob generates a plethora of "Console Heading up(slow)",

"...down(fast)", "...down(slow),...."up (fast) etc. etc. messages which would account for why it is twitching so badly. By contrast the ALT knob on the RIC (which has the same functionality) works fine and generates a sane set of up/down messages for the Console Baro setting.

I put the serial output from the PFC thru a USB adapter to see if it would cure it but its just the same.

Is there a particular technique needed to use these knobs?

One other thing I noticed from the logs is that the DME is very noisy wrt to commands - it keeps cycling thru messages like

"DME mode2 = RMT", "DME mode1 = R1","DME RMI = NAV2" or similar when there is no control input. Is that normal - corresponding to DME "pings" or is that another problem?

I would appreciate your help/suggestions. Thanks Richard

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I have the avionics/RIC, but not the Cirrus console (sold it a long time ago). I think mine is older than yours, although I had PFC update it in 2001 or so.

I don't normally use the RIC (I have GoFlight stuff to control those things), but I hooked mine up just now; my HDG and CRS/DG knobs work as expected, with the slow/fast messages being transmitted depending on how fast the knobs are turned. No glitching.

However, I was surprised to see that my stack is putting out those extraneous DME messages as well, exactly as you describe!

I'm not sure whether this is a hard/firmware problem or a PFCFSX one, but I have used the Test functionality of the PFC driver before, and don't recall getting that "noise". What I don't recall is if the last time I used it was in FS9.

Back to the twitchy knobs thing: I'm going to make a wild a**ed guess and surmise that the encoders are dirty or defective. One thing you might try, although I don't know if this would involve some desoldering/soldering work, is to temporarily swap out one of the other encoders for either of the ones that are giving you trouble, and see if the twitchiness moves with the encoder.

Also, make sure that the two cables (ribbon and "phone"-like) are tightly connected on both ends and that they're intact.

Good luck,

Dave B.

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thanks for your help.

I think you are right about the encoders being the problem - I talked to PFC and thats what they thought too. Having just got it all working (after 5yrs in attic). I now have to tear it down and send the RIC back to PFC :) .They were quite nice about it (considering its 5yrs old) and agreed to replace the faulty encoders for free.

Still not sure about the "verbose" DME - but if yours is doing the same thing its probably supposed to - my gues is its the equivalent of some sort of DME "ping".

I am also looking at some of the GoFlight stuff too - and also considering if I could "canibalize" my old Saitek X36 USB to make use of all its knobs and buttons.


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