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FSUIPC and Visual C++ 2008 Express

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I have a question regarding implementing FSUIPC SDK Code. I have been implementing the code with Visual C++ 6.0 and using MFC, and I have a fairly large program that I'm using and I tried to convert it to 2008 Express however I get alot of compile errors. I'd really like to use the Express 2008 version as it has a much better toolbox for developing nice looking Dialogs or Forms.

I tried to create a new project using CLR and windows forms but it won't compile the FSUIPC.CPP and the FSUIPC.h without a bunch of errors.

I noticed a .NET module in a pinned post above and tried to implement that. I did have success at adding the reference to the dll, and it does compile and run. I just put together a simple program to open a connection to fsuipc.

#pragma once

namespace test {

	using namespace System;
	using namespace System::ComponentModel;
	using namespace System::Collections;
	using namespace System::Windows::Forms;
	using namespace System::Data;
	using namespace System::Drawing;
	using namespace FSUIPC;

	public ref class Form1 : public System::Windows::Forms::Form

			if (components)
				delete components;
	private: System::Windows::Forms::Button^  button1;
	private: System::Windows::Forms::Button^  button2;

		System::ComponentModel::Container ^components;

#pragma region Windows Form Designer generated code
		void InitializeComponent(void)
			this->button1 = (gcnew System::Windows::Forms::Button());
			this->button2 = (gcnew System::Windows::Forms::Button());
			// button1
			this->button1->Location = System::Drawing::Point(48, 209);
			this->button1->Name = L"button1";
			this->button1->Size = System::Drawing::Size(75, 23);
			this->button1->TabIndex = 0;
			this->button1->Text = L"button1";
			this->button1->UseVisualStyleBackColor = true;
			// button2
			this->button2->Location = System::Drawing::Point(163, 209);
			this->button2->Name = L"button2";
			this->button2->Size = System::Drawing::Size(75, 23);
			this->button2->TabIndex = 1;
			this->button2->Text = L"button2";
			this->button2->UseVisualStyleBackColor = true;
			this->button2->Click += gcnew System::EventHandler(this, &Form1::button2_Click);
			// Form1
			this->AutoScaleDimensions = System::Drawing::SizeF(6, 13);
			this->AutoScaleMode = System::Windows::Forms::AutoScaleMode::Font;
			this->ClientSize = System::Drawing::Size(292, 266);
			this->Name = L"Form1";
			this->Text = L"Form1";

#pragma endregion
	private: System::Void button2_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e) {

I havn't used 2008 express much and it is quite a bit different to Visual C++ 6.0. The above compiles and runs, however in my application I need 3 different connections, and I'm unable to figure out how to do that using the FSUIPCClient.dll reference method. My old program just creates 3 instances of the FSUIPC Object, and then opens it up for communications.

I was wondering if someone might give me a idea as to how to create 3 instances of the FSUIPCConnection? I think I'll be able to figure the rest of it out once I'm able to do that.

Or give me a Idea on another method as to how I might implement FSUIPC using 2008 Express? I would like to use CLR Windows forms to create my Forms for data display and input.

Thanks in advance.

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