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Sorry to bother you again, but since I upgraded to FSUIPC 3.98 and started working with LUA's, my VoxATC UK 3.72 (FS9) program does not longer work correctly.

Each time I try to load a Flight, I get "No Flightplan loaded in FS". Since then I've tried just about everything, like removing and reinstalling Voxatc, removing and reinstalling voicepacks, checking all cfg entries etc. etc. but could not get it to work anymore.

Then tonight I started to think back about when this could have happened, and I came to the conclusion that the higher version of FSUIPC was a possibility.

So I went back to version 3.817 (found in a backup), and Hooray it worked like it had never been faulty. But no more LUA programming in this version.

Hmmm, not quite satisfactory. So I tried version 3.85 and restarted. Wham!! Problem back!! Back to 3.817 again: no more problems......

Did you hear of this yet? Could this be due to the LUA programming addition to FSUIPC? I would like to get VoxATC working, AND have the LUA programming active too (otherwise all the troubles of getting the small lua's to work were in vain, because I definately want to keep VoxATC).....

Could you look in to this? I have also mailed for support to VoxATC, but did not hear from them yet....

Regards, Jaap Both

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I have received an answer from Tegwyn West of VoxATC with a small file attachment.

This file calle FSUIPCint.dll was to be copied into the VoxATC directory, overwriting the old one.

After that VoxATC worked normally again!


Maybe some other users can benefit of this too?



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