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Using a lua file for checklist


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Well after using the Lua files for more then a year I got the idea, Why not use a lua file for a checklist. End of day I turned to Guenseli for some advice and he told me how to do this simple procedure. More elaborate checklists are possible where you can even have the lua check the parameters to ensure you have completed the step before allowing you to continue. that is for a next project however. So thanks to guenseli for this.


Drag and drop where ever you want it


So here below is my start procedure for the PMDG JS41 (No more manual checklists as my checklist is now on the screen)

The process work the same as for other lua files. For those that is already used to working with Lua files it will be very easy and self explanatery

1) Create Lua file (as many as you want for different checklists)

2) Add the lua file to modules folders

3) Add the lua file entry in the FSUIPC4.ini file

4) create a keypress or button for the aircraft that you want to use it for.

Detail instructions can be obtained how to use lua files on the Pete Dawson Site:

Pete Dowson Site

The way it work after setup has been done.


1) start FSX

2) Load the plane

3) use the JS41 Lua file to make it Cold & Dark

4) Then use keypress or button to bring up start procedure list (you can not have both at the same time that is why i first make it CD and then I start my start procedure list)

A green transparent line with message will be displayed that you need to press ENTER button to start process. (You can move this line wherever you want on the screen. Click and drag..!

Every time you press ENTER the next item on the list will appear.

NOTE : (This is quite a long list as I did everything in ONE Lua file. You are more then welcome to break it up in smaller lists.)

this concept can be used for creating other checklists also.

Here is the code for the JS41 start procedure.

-- FSUIPC4 Lua Script: PMDG JS4100 Checklist

questvar = ipc.ask("Checklist Start - Press ENTER to display next item")

questvar = ipc.ask("External inspection - Perform")

questvar = ipc.ask("Ramp Manager: MENU :view > instrument panel > ramp manager : - Chokes PLACED")

questvar = ipc.ask("Ramp Manager: MENU :view > instrument panel > ramp manager : - GPU STARTED")

questvar = ipc.ask("Ramp Manager: MENU :view > instrument panel > ramp manager : - Doors Opened")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-GPU sw - ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Battery Knob - SET GPU, Check > 27V")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Battery Knob - SET BATT, Check > 24V")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Flood light sw - AS REQUIRED")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Parking Brakes - SET")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Cap Panel - MUTE CAP")

questvar = ipc.ask("Documenation - CHECK")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Gust lock/Gear Pins - STOWED")

questvar = ipc.ask("Windshield - CLEAN / UNBROKEN")

questvar = ipc.ask("Seat & pedals - ADJUST")

questvar = ipc.ask("Circuit breakers - INSPECT")

questvar = ipc.ask("Flight Controls - FREE")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Fuel Pump sws - OPEN")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Left Stby Fuel Pumps sw - SET OFF ind LOPRESS")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Cross Feed Sw - SET CLOSED")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Right Stby Fuel Pumps sw - SET OFF ind LOPRESS")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Start Master knob - SET to AIR")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Manual Start Knob - SET to NORMAL")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-IEC sws - SET ON x2")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-TTL sws - SET ON x2")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Ignition sw - SET NORMAL x2")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Prop Sync sw - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Oil Cooler flaps sw - SET AUTO x2")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-AC Control Invertors sw - SET ON x2")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-All Buses sw - SET NORMAL & Gaurded")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Battery Knob - SET BATT >24v")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Avionics sw - SET ON & Gaurded")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Batery Left Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Generator Left SW - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-GPU Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Genrator Right - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Batery Right - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-No Smoking Sign sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Fasten Seat Belt Sign sw- SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-All other lights sws- SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-NAV Lights sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Beacon Lights sw - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Emergency lights sw - SET OFF/Gaurded")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Flood Lights sw - AS REQUIRED")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-ALL Deice sw - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("LP-Cabin Oxygen - CHECK")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-ELT - SET TEST")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Time - SET ZULU")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Panel Flood Lights Sw - AS REQUIRED")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Captain Overide Sw - CHECK all OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Pilot/Co Pilot Sw - SET PILOT FLYING")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Spoiler Sw - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Auto Pilot Trim Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Performance reserve Sw - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-Radar - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("FP-EIS instruments - CHECK")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Temp Control - SET CENTRED")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Cabin AUTO Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Cabin Air FLow Knobs - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Flaps - SET 0 Degrees")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Trims - SET Centered")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Power levers - CYCLE & CHECK takeoff config warning")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Power levers - SET IDLE")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Condition levers - CYCLE & FULL BACK")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Condition levers - SET TAXI")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Anti Skid Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Hydrolic LP Valve - SET OPEN")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Landing Airport Elevation - SET VALUE")

questvar = ipc.ask("Aircraft Config Document - COMPLETE Passenger List")

questvar = ipc.ask("Aircraft Config Document - COMPLETE Fuel Data")

questvar = ipc.ask("Flightplan - LOAD")

questvar = ipc.ask("Ramp manager: MENU : view > instrument panel > ramp manager : - Close Doors")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Avionics Sw - SET OFF x2")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Left Standby Fuel Pump Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Cross Feed Sw - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Right Standby Fuel Pump Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Anti Ice Sw - SET ALL OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-GPU - CHECK Connected")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-GPU Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Generators Sw- SET OFF L&R")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Batery Sw - SET ON L&R")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Beacon Light Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-NAV Light Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-Fasten Seat belt Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : OH-No Smoking Sign - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : FP-CAP panel - UNMUTE")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : FP-EIS & EGT - CHECK <200 degrees")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : FP-Fuel Level - CHECK")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : FP-All Doors - CHECK CLOSED")

questvar = ipc.ask("START : Captain Signal Ramp Startup to commence")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-L : Stop locks - CHECK props in Stop locks position")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-L : Stop Locks - SET IF REQUIRED")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-L : OH-Start master knob - SET to LEFT")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-L : OH-Left Engine start Button - PRESS")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-L : FP-Instruments - MONITOR")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-L : Allow Engine to stabilise")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-L : OH-left Generator - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-L : OH-GPU Sw - SET OFF")

questvar = ipc.ask("Ramp manager: MENU : view > instrument panel > ramp manager : Gpu - DISCONNECT")

questvar = ipc.ask("Ramp manager: MENU : view > instrument panel > ramp manager : Chokes - REMOVE")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-R : Stop locks - CHECK props in Stop locks position")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-R : Stop Locks - SET IF REQUIRED")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-R : OH-Start master - SET to RIGHT")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-R : OH-Left Engine start Button - PRESS")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-R : FP-Instruments - MONITOR")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-R : Allow Engine to stabilise")

questvar = ipc.ask("START-R : OH-Right Generator Sw - SET ON")

questvar = ipc.ask("OH-Avionics - SET ON x2")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Stop Locks - REMOVE")

questvar = ipc.ask("PD-Cabin Air Flow Knobs - SET to 5")

questvar = ipc.ask("-- Start up procedures completed --")

The following indicators is just for my own reference

OH - overhead

PD - pedestal

FP - Front panel

LP - Left hand side panel


The only problem I had was I cannot use the Shift 1 or Shift 2 keys to bring up ramp manager while the Checklist is ON. I therefore used the menu to select the ramp manager. When The list has been worked through you can again use all shift 1 etc keys..

Hope it make sense and might help someone. You welcome to adjust the list to your own liking. This list do contain a lot of detail and I know it can be much smaller but I like to have it that way. So enjoy adjusting the files

Edited by fairy
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