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[Help] AI Traffic VB2010

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Hi, i am making a program that reads AI traffic information. I have a listbox that displays the Airline & Flight number of each AI Flight in the area. I have a button that when clicked I would like a msgbox to display and show more information about that one AI flight that was selected in the listbox. How do i do that?

Please help!

Listbox Code:

For Each Plane As AIPlaneInfo In FSUIPCConnection.AITrafficServices.AllTraffic
Me.ListBox1.Items.Add(Plane.ATCIdentifier & " (" & Plane.State.ToString() & ") " & Plane.DepartureICAO & " -> " & Plane.DestinationICAO)
Label1.Text = "AI Radar (" & ListBox1.Items.Count & " total AI Flights)"
Next Plane

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