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Programming offsets

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Hi everybody,

I am trying to program my Goflight TQ6 throttle to set its reverse correctly. As you may know, on the TQ 6 there are 4 "dummy" reverser handles, which don't function as an axis, but have a microswitch button. This button is pushed when the reverser handles are pulled against the throttle levers. I have programmed the buttons to decrease thrust on press (and repeat while pressed) and increase thrust on release. This works good when the throttle lever is in idle position.

The problem is that this button is also pushed when the reverser handles are up, and the throttle is advanced to full. At that point the button is pressed and the thrust is reduced.

What I want to do is create an offset condition, whereby the button is not calling its FSUIPC function when the throttle lever is out of the idle position.

The original .ini line for this button was:


And I changed it to:

22=W089A<5000 RC,3,C65966,0

089A is the offset for Engine 1 throttle lever, with a value from -4096 to +16384. My idea was that with this offset condition the button would only work if the throttle value is lower than 5000. However it is not working, so I am doing something wrong. Who can assist me with this?


Arjen Nederstigt

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Awaiting approval of my first post I figured out the problem. I was using the wrong offset values.

After I changed the offset values to W3330 and W3332 it works as it should.


Arjen Nederstigt

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