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Invert Axis without using calibration


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For the NGX I've assigned my left most lever on Saitek Quadrant as the Speed Brake.

However it's movement is backwards, so I'd like to invert it.

However NGX doesn't like the FSUIPC calibration, if I calibrate it there then the speed brake moves back to the middle area on it's own and doesn't behave. This is only with the NGX of course, other planes I can invert just fine with the calibration tab for speed brake.

So I'm hoping that you'll tell me I can edit FSUIPC ini file and change something in the axis assignment line to make it work inverted? :)

Or maybe you have any other suggestions?

I looked at your document with the NGX offsets but I didn't see the speed brake levers in there, only boolean values.

many thanks

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Well I should have been reading your advanced manual instead of googling the whole of the internet. For some reason it's always after posting in a forum that the answer comes...

I just added ",*-1" to the end of my axis, now my speedbrake lever is perfect in my 737.

Time for some flying...

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