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I have a registered version of FSUIPC and have followed the instructions and several tutorials with regards to setting up the Throttles, Alerons, Elevator, Rudder and Toe Brakes for my Saitek set-up. everthing seemed to work fine until I noticed that when I apply the Right Toe Break my elevator reacts by slightly pitching up. If I push in and pull out on my control youke the elevator will return to neutral. If I apply the Right Toe Brake again, I get a pitch down deflection. Once again I have to push pull the yoke. When I apply the Left Toe Brake I get a roll Left response off the Alerons with some upward deflection of the slats on both wings. I have to roll the yoke left and right to get the control surfaces to return to neutral.

I have gone through the FSX controls setup and removed anything associated with flight controls selections. I have tried two differnet times to redo the scanning and calibration of the Toe Brakes in FSUIPC. I have even dedicated the profile to the aircraft specific. Yet it continues to give uncommanded elevator pitches when using the Right toe brake and uncommanded roll with slat deployment with Left Toe Brake application.

I'd appreciate any help you might be able to pass along my way. My next attempt is going to be disabling the yoke system completely in FSX and see if that has an affect.

Jim Kieffer

Greenville NC

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