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Hi Pete


Newbie in home cockpit creation , i make the choice to start with a simple card , the Pokey 56U , before going to most complex OC card and programmation

it software is very simple to use but seems not sufficiant to interface complex thing with P3D as checking status of an offset before doing an action, so i want to have something more powerfull and i have a look to IPC language

poscope furnish a simple piece of code to try (a sample code made by artem for battery with off/on toggle switch), but no effect

Linda 1.13 installed it as a joystick , but an OFF/ON toggle switch have no effect in Linda joystick Button section 

having a doubt, I verified the card and the toggle by using the pokey software (i set the "G" to gear UP & Down , and Prepar3d recognize the action)


but before that i have a very simple stupid question

FSUIC have to discover the Pokey card to be interfaced with Linda or is it not mandatory for using IPC language ??


the card driver which is installed in my windows 8-64bit-pro define the card as a dual joystick and keyboard


ps : Sorry for Linda in my post ,i know that Linda is not one of your software , but your experience of com with Fsuipc is so large that maybe you have also a beginning of answer on this subject


thanks for your largest contribution for FS World with your tools , skill & knownledge about FS





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