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Tower 2011 and Tracon 2012 multiplayer issues


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Hi All

Playing Tracon 2012 solo is perfectly OK but when I play Multiplayer I have the following issues, I wonder is any of you can help me to solve the issues.

1) I seem to have 100% traffic even if I move the sliders down. They work OK in solo play

2) Not able to cleared ILS for runway xx approach. I only get this issue when an arrival aircraft is close to the runway. The reason why is when the aircraft is close to the runway the pilot auto contacts the Tower even if I haven't handed the aircraft over to tower. The tower controller also is unable to control aircraft as well. From then on both controllers are unable to land the aircraft. The approach controller can only move the aircraft around the radar.

3) Does the go around local traffic file and the schedule file that's in the database folder have to be on both PC's or just the host? At the moment I make sure its on both.

4) Is there any way I can insert the call sign of the aircraft in the flight strip as there's too many airliners to remember?

5) When the Tower controller hands over the aircraft to me he gets a score which is correct but after approx. 3 mins he gets a system message stating that he hasn't handed over the aircraft and is repeated 3 times so now the tower gets -300 points (This is the same with every aircraft he hands over) plus he gets incidents value as well against him. After 1 hour controlling he is now on 10000 incidents even tho there's no way we have caused 10000 incidents.

6) When playing Tower 2011 and Tracon 2012 together with friend 90% of the aircraft I hand over to tower and when tower has cleared them to land most of them call tower and state going around instead of actually landing. If I do the exact schedule on my own with tracon 2012 100% land every time.

Any help will be appreciated


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