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Autothrottle problems with PMDG

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I'm having some problems setting up the autothrottle for the PMDG 737NGX.

I'm using Saitek panels with SPAD 0.5 and have set this up for PMDG use and in FSUIPC Offset Change-mode, when I switch on the A/T it indeed turns on, but when I switch it off, it doesn't turn off. Only when I switch it on again,  it turns off.

So I tried to setup a virtual button and send this to FSUIPC and set this on the function 'Autothrottle Arm', and the 'when button released' also to 'Autothrottle Arm', since I couldn't find an Off-setting in the list. But this does exactly the same, I can switch it on, but to turn it off, I need to switch to Off and back to On.

So I tried to setup through 2 different control number and set the On-function to Autothrottle Arm and the virtual Off button also to Autothrottle Arm, but again, I got the same result.

So I cant manage to set the On-function to On and Off-function to Off, I have to keep switching Off and then On again, to either Arm, or Turn A/T Off.


Can anyone help me to setup the A/T properly for the PMDG, please?

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have you enabled the "select special mode" for NGX in SPAD that may solve your problems?


Also have you tried setting the AT off setting for the release of the joy button?



If not try getting a list of all the L:Vars by binding a joy button to the "List Local Panel Vars". Once you've identified the correct L:Var, write a Lua script to bind to the AT switch to toggle on and off :).

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Thanks for the response, Bertiep. :)


I've got SPAD set to PMDG-mode, indeed, and I have tried to set the A/T-off separately from the A/T-on, using 2 different control numbers, as well as with the 'when button released'-option within FSUIPC, but both gave the same result.

I also tried to setup keyboard command within the PMDG's CDU keymapping menu for A/T arm and disengage and linked the switch through controller number to those key command in FSUIPC, but this didn't do anything at all.


I'm not sure what you mean with 'L:Vars'. I'm not familiar with Lua, so I would need more of a step-by-step-guide to make a script for something.

Is there a page where I can find a complete instruction on how to do that? (Not sure what to google for...)

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