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During my flights some questions about TCAS system came to my mind.

1. ABV and BLW "buttons" on MFD does not work. I mean that I can click on them, but TCAS is still in NRM mode.

2. Resolution Advisories are inappropriate. Here are some examples:

  • It was probably UL980 airway. I was at FL360 flying westbound, AI aircraft was flying eastbound at FL350. When we were close to each other (but there was still 1000ft separation) I heard: "descent!" after few seconds "descent now!".
  • Somewhere above English Chanel: me:FL350 flying eastbound; AI aircraft FL360 flying northbound. There was about 10NM between me, and it, but I heard: "climb" and "climb now".
  • I was descending to FL150 somewhere in England, AI aircraft was in the vicinity, but at about FL70. Than I heard traffic alert.

These situations show, that sometimes TCAS wants me to die :) Is that normal, or can you correct it?

I have Windows 7 HP 64-bit, FSX, Embraer 175&195 v2, UTX, REX.


Thank you,


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