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Ok I have been struggling with this problem for a few days now, I will do my best to explain. Everything with my sim was perfect until I updated fsdreamteams gsx. Since doing that nothing in the Add-ons menu of fsx is working, its there, but if you select any of the options including the fsuipc tab nothing happens, my biggest problem in this is trackir no longer functions, even though its connected. I have been over to the fsdt forum and have followed all the advice they have given me but the issue remains. I have been trying everything. It was not until I removed fsuipc entirely from the modules folder that everything function as it should. I dont know what is going on. Why is this? Could something with the new version of GSX and fsuiipc not be playing well together? Like I said I have no idea why this has happened and why removing fsupic fixes the issue, but I need fsuipc.Any advice or  insight would be greatly appreciated


Ian Beggs.

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Hey Pete just to update, I uninstalled all my fsdreamtem stuff, reinstalled all my pmdg products,When I start a flight with a pmdg aircraft (777 lr) with opus and trackir, my trackir does not work. Also if I go to the fsx addons menu and try to select anything including the fsuipc menu nothing opens. If I remove fsuipc from my machine and try the same scenerio everything is fine.Just so confused about what happened. If you have any suggestions when you get back let me know. Happy New Year

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