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E170 and E190 several questions


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Hi all,


I've done about 20 flights in the E170 and E190 and there are some things I've run into. I read that the posts of the old forum are lost due a spam attack. Hopefully someone can give me some quick answers or hints to something that I am doing wrong or issues in the software.


FS: FSX, Accelleration

OS: Windows 7

Aircraft: E170 and E190


1. I updated the AIRAC with NavdataPRO (cycle 1405) All altitude contraints appear inverted in the flight plan (SIDs and STARs). All 'at or below' altitudes become 'at or above' altitudes and vice versa. Anyone having the same problem? The AIRAC cycle works OK with the Airbus Extended from Aerosoft (both from the same company, however)

2. In an FMS controlled descent (VPATH) the engines don't idle. Is that normal? I would expect the cruise to be a bit longer and then an idle descent. That is more economical.

3. If I allow the FMS controlled descent later than the TOD, the aircraft tries to make up for that and sometimes pushes it in overspeed. Is there a way I can prevent that? I tried setting a speed myself, but that did not help. I find the aircraft quite loose on the speed. Following the flight path has priority over speed control. The speed increases and increases without warning. Is there a mode that prevents that? Also in tight turns in STARs you can gain 10-20 knots easily. I have too use the speed brake to prevent hitting the 250 knots restriction below 10000 ft.

4. I've struggled with the approach speeds and now add 5-10 knots to get a nose up attitude of 2-3 degrees on approach. With lower speeds I get attitudes in excess of 5 degrees. Both in flaps 5 and flaps full config. Haven't yet really figured it out. I used several different landing weights (always a full passenger load, but with 1000-2500 kg of fuel on landing) Does someone have any tips?

5. Is there a hidden click spot to operate the parking brake? Or is it 'just' ctrl + .?

6. How can I change the TCAS tilt? Clicking ABV, NRM or BLW has no effect.

7. When waypoints in a SID or STAR are close together, they are sometimes skipped. Maybe because the aircraft is already close to them.

8. Can I specify a cost factor somewhere in the MCDU? I haven't yet found the spot...

9. According to the manual, the elevator trim should be in the green for take-off. I'm used to something more specific following from to the load balance of the aircraft. Does someone have information that is a bit more detailed?


Thanks for having a look at these questions. If some things just are not modeled, I'd like to know because I can then stop searching for what I am doing wrong. If I am doing something wrong, even better. Then I can fix is ;-)




Sjoert Bakker

The Netherlands

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