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Client not Sending Server Data

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I have been trying to solve this problem for a while

I have a home cockpit and I purchased sim-avionics recently 

I ran the installation and everything works fine except for switches and buttons (which need widefs) 

The lights work properly if the message is sent from server, example if I change the flaps or extend spoiler the corresponding light will illuminate or distinguish properly.

But when I try to press a button or switch (ex: recall, master caution, auto brake) nothing happens.


This is the log from widefs


********* WideServer.DLL Log [version 7.938c] ********* 

Blocksize guide = 8192 (double allowed) 
Date (dmy): 30/01/15, Time 16:23:32.280: Server name is AK-PC 
15756 Initialising TCP/IP server 
15756 Initialising UDP/IP server 
16130 Broadcasting service every 1000 mSecs 
18580 Incoming connection Accepted ok (skt=1032) TCP 
18767 Connected to computer "AHMAD-SA" running WideClient version 6.999 (skt=1032) TCP 
573694 Auto send stopped before sending all data (0 of 47 sent), Error=10013 (IP= UDP 
573803 Error 10053: client socket disconnected at Client: removing (skt=1032) TCP 
574006 Auto send stopped before sending all data (0 of 47 sent), Error=10013 (IP= UDP 
580292 Close signalled to clients 
581400 Closing down now ... 
Memory managed: Offset records: 267 alloc, 266 free 
Read buffer usage: 261 alloc, 261 free, max in session: 1 
Write buffer usage: 29841 alloc, 29841 free, max in session: 1 
Throughput maximum achieved: 29 frames/sec, 833 bytes/sec 
Throughput average achieved for complete session: 9 frames/sec, 273 bytes/sec 
Average receive rate from "AHMAD-SA": 0 frames/sec, 19 bytes/sec 
********* Log file closed ********* 

and Client Log 

********* WideClient Log [version 6.999n] Class=FS98MAIN ********* 
Date (dmy): 30/01/15, Time 16:23:30.678: Client name is AHMAD-SA 
47 LUA: "C:\Sim-Avionics\WideFS\Initial.LUA": not found 
63 Attempting to connect now 
63 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast 
63 Failed to connect: waiting to try again 
2122 Attempting to connect now 
10405 New Client Application: "SysBoard_Interface" (Id=1340) 
20514 Server = AK-PC 
20514 Trying TCP/IP host "AK-PC" port 8002 ... 
20514 ... Okay, IP Address = 
20514 Connection made okay! 

572836 ****** End of session performance summary ****** 
572836 Total time connected = 551 seconds 
572836 Reception maximum: 28 frames/sec, 823 bytes/sec 
572836 Reception average whilst connected: 20 frames/sec, 577 bytes/sec 
572836 Transmission maximum: 0 frames/sec, 20 bytes/sec 
572836 Transmission average whilst connected: 0 frames/sec, 20 bytes/sec 
572836 Max receive buffer = 334, Max send depth = 1, Send frames lost = 0 

572836 **************** Individual client application activity **************** 
572836 Client 1340 requests: 21 (Ave 0/sec), Data: 910 bytes (1/sec), Average 43 bytes/Process 

572836 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 2, Alloc 11299 Freed 11299 Refused 0) *********



As you can see the server is not receiving any data from client


I made sure that they are in the same network within the same home group, also the firewall is turned off and no antivirus is activated

any suggestions?




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