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LUA file which helps you decide which data type your offset is


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I have never been completely sure about which of those "DBl, FLT, DD, SB, SD, etc) types should I read so I have done this small LUA file which will help you to decide. You just need to change the offset ID on the second line and then simply run this LUA in your FSX - you will see your offset being read as all the available types and you can decide which of them fits your individual needs.

while 1 do
offset = "132C"   --write the Offset ID from FSUIUPC4 Offsets Status.pdf (eg. "132C")

test1 = ipc.readDBL(offset)
test2 = ipc.readFLT(offset)
test3 = ipc.readDD(offset)
test4 = ipc.readSB(offset)
test5 = ipc.readSD(offset)
--test6 = ipc.readSTR(offset, 4)   -- Not used
test8 = ipc.readUB(offset)
test9 = ipc.readUD(offset)
test10 = ipc.readUW(offset)


Attached you can see the result for testing NAV/GPS switch offset reading. I need 1 or 0 regaring the switch position so I will use probably the UB type which is the "simplest" format of the offset which yet matches my need to be 0 or 1 - however all those except DBL, FLT and DD give the same result so technically this is completely up to me which of the remainings I will use.


Pavel Brodsky


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