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Sudden Slow Frame rates


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Hello all, I have been playing Tower since it first came out and have enjoyed it incredibly but something has changed recently. For some reason I am now getting very slow frame rates I would say around 10 fps (yes guessing, not sure if there is a way to check exactly). The only thing I have done as far as changes was to reinstall a couple of airports because I noticed they weren't installed anymore, no not sure why they weren't. This happens on all of my airports now, from JFK to SEA, doesn't matter the size or if I drop my ARR/DEP down to half it still does this. I have no clue as to why but if anybody has any ideas please let me know.



Windows 7

I7 3.40ghz

16gb ram

GeForce GTX 760


Edit: I'm running 4.777.995

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I have had a similar problem with my Tower 2011!. A little while ago I also had a frame rate drop, but mine was not as big as hogdriver's. But it was noticeable. The only map I do have a huge frame rate problem is on EDDF where my frame rate is incredibly slow. (Less 10fps I would say)

I had a look at my Task Manager but it doesn't look like anything is being launched in the background. 

Thank you for your support.


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Here's an update, First thanks Vic for the suggestion, I did take a look and didn't see anything as far as antivirus.

I have uninstalled all of the airports and Tower 2011 sp4 completely and have re-installed it with nothing other than the default airports and real traffic, and I'm getting the same bogging down slow frame rate issue, however it is loading a little faster now. I looked in my control panel and programs and noticed that the only thing that has changed recently was a new Microsoft.net Framework was updated, when I installed Tower it said that a C++ is not compatible with tower and that it is a newer version in my computer, I am not a programmer so not sure if that is something to look at or not but I thought I would go ahead and mention it.... Any ideas???

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Yeaaa that kind of scares me, not sure where or how to do that. Please advise me on where to look for that. I did look in the Programs install/Uninstall under the control panel but I don't believe it is there. I'm willing to try it but just give me a heads up on where to do it from...C++ stuff makes me nervous.

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