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Embraer E-Jets V2 / Navdisplay problem 2


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Dear ladies and gentlemen,


first of all my compliments for your  addon aircraft ,I really enjoy the in depth-simulation of the Embraer 175/195 series.


However I m experiencing a strange issue with the Nav display that I get on two different computer systems.

After a couple of minutes into the flight, the flight plan route as shown on the navdisplay freezes up.

It is really strange.I'll try to describe the problem as good as I can.

The navdisplay itself ,keeps working e.g. the compass rose keeps moving correctly as down the digital heading

display and even the vertical profile(If selected) seems to keep functioning as advertised.

However the flightplan route on the navdisplay with the different waypoints simply freezes /becomes stuck.For example if you get a shortcut

and turn directly to a waypoint further downroute,this is not shown at all on the nav display.


Or if you manually select a heading which takes you off and away from the current flightplan route, this is also not visible,

in other words,the aircraft symbol is not moving at all in relation to the flightplan route.


Also if you stay on the route, the aircraft symbol doesn't get any closer to the next waypoint is is flying to.


This issue is present in both the 2d panel and VC.

I also tried switching to the navdisplay pop view and back,in the hope it would somehow "reset " the nav display.


Do you have any idea what could be the problem or cause this issue?I would appreciate any help to solve this

issue as it renders the navdisplay useless for flightplan tracking/changes.


Looking forward your reply,






Edited to include system specs and FS version.

FS9.1 Windows 8.1 64bit.


However the issue is also apparent on another system,win 7 32 bit

Edited by Vee1rotate
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