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Embraer E-Jets V2/FMC approach codes/DME2 display/artificial waypoints


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Dear ladies and gentlemen,


I have three  questions regardings the E-jets V2.



When I go into the FMC via NAV -> ARRIVAL to select the instrument approach which I want to fly  the FMC offers different choices depending on the airport and navdata.However all the IFR approaches seem to be named  in some kind of abbreviated letter prefix coding form.

For example "I28" in the FMC format  seems to be ILS approach to runway 28. So far I understand "I" is ILS, "Q" seems to be the prefix for  NDB approaches

"R" is RNAV approaches .


However there are also "N", "L" and "D" as approach prefixes for some runways.
Could someone kindly tell ,which type of approaches these prefixes stand for?



2.) Is there any way to display the DME #2 readout on either on the lower part of the PFD with the compass rose or on the navigation MFD ?

Because for some approaches where you have one approach navaid on NAV 1 but the DME comes from another VOR it would be helpful to have

a readout of the DME No.2.

I know it is possible to show the bearing to/from NAV2 via the bearing pointers on the lower part of the PFD,but there seems to be no DME readout from NAV2 only

from NAV1.


3.)The third question is regarding pilot waypoints.The manual mentions several ways of creating new waypoints.My question is regarding along-plan waypoints.

If you want to create a waypoint 20 NM after a VOR "NTS" ,you enter "NTS //20" .This is mentioned in the manual and works well.

However is it possible to create a pilot waypoint before a VOR/FIX? I wanted to create a pilot waypoint 5 NM before "NTS" .But entering "NTS //-20" does not seem to work


What is the correct format to create such a pilot waypoint?


Thanks very much ,





Simulator : FS9.1


System:     Windows 8.1 64bit.



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