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Tracon 2012 download from Amazon.com - - - - Legit?


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Just like the title says.  Instead of waiting for a holiday sale, I'm looking at downloading Tracon 2012 from Amazon.com, and want to know if this is the same download I would get if I bought Tracon direct from FeelThere.


Anyone know if these are the same?





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LOL.....so many responses.


Anyhow, the answer is yes, the Amazon digital download for $19.99 is the same program as you get from everywhere else for $29.99 or $39.99.



Is Tracon 2012 being developed anymore?  The forum is devoid of any real activity, and there are enough obvious things to clean up in the game after only 2 hours of play, it makes me wonder if this is it.


Overall, it's quite entertaining, and the voice recognition works surprisingly well.  I like how the traffic is received from center with a fairly obvious plan to make it work.  In other words, it's as if center is working with you to have a safe efficient session, and not working against you to make it artificially difficult.  There's a fine line between realistic difficulty, versus, continually throwing wrenches into the works just to make it more difficult.  The flow of the game seems realistic to me, and that is the goal of a simulation in my eyes.



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