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E-Jets v2 freezes


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I recently bought and installed the feelthere E-jets V2 series. Unfortunately, I have freezes approx. every minute during the simulation. The screen just freezes for a few seconds. After the freeze, It seems that the simulation jumps back to the state (and thus the airplane position) it would be if the freeze did not happen (What is quite annoying and not flyable, especially on short final). I also discovered that the freezes get longer each time they occur. On a 15 minute test flight, the freezes took about 15 sec at the end. I had a look at the 170.log file in the feelthere/E170 folder. Every time the freeze occurs, the nd.mdb file is read. I suspect that there is something wrong with my OS setup or ODBC drivers (There is no error in the log file though). Is it normal that the navdata is read that often?


I also observed that when downloading the installer from the Wilcopub site, there are two versions available for FSX: SP1 and SP2. However, when I download SP2, the installer says it is installing SP1. Is this corret?


My configuration:

- FSX + Acceleration Pack installed at C:\Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X

- UAC is off

- FSUIPC (4.934)

- Saitek x52 Pro joystick

- Saitek Pro Combat Rudder pedals

- All axes are managed by FSUIPC

- Windows 8.1 Pro x64

- 8 GB RAM

- Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 (Driver version 323.06)


What I tried with no success:

- I reinstalled the E-jets with compability mode on and off

- I reduced the FPS settings for the panels to nearly 0

- I updated the graphics driver

- I read that some users have some sort of this issue [1]. They claim that this is related to running FSX on a SSD drive. I indeed have installed a SSD, but I am only using it as cache drive for my HDD. Disabling the acceleration does not solve the issue

- I read that on Windows 7, there exists this hack to get a faulty mdac driver working by tempering with the registery. I checked those entries and they are exactly as described in the post [2].

- I even installed a version of Office 2007, hoping this might fix some ODBC driver issues



Is there hope to get this even running on Windows 8.1? Is there something I can try before re-installing FSX?




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Hi all,

I did a fresh install of FSX after completely wiping out its remains on my hard drive. I installed the E-Jets again but had the same issue again.

I ended up with setting up a dual boot environment with Windows 7. This was something i planned to do a while ago anyway. FSX and the E-Jeys are running now smooth, finally.


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