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FT ERJ 170/190 v2 MFD Nav Display Size


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Brand new forum member and E Jets 170/190v2 (for both FS8 and FSX) owner.  Having read the manual and flown several flights with it I have compiled a list of questions that I cannot seem to find the answer to in the manual., not the least of which is the MFD Nav Display size.


1)  ANSWERED---On the MFD the Nav Display and flight plan path only fill the top half of the display.  The bottom half is black.  Is there some info that is supposed to be in that dark area, similar to the lower half of the PFD display?  If not, is there a way to make the flight plan path fill the entire display.  My tired old eyes have a hard time reading the plan unless I have right clicked on the display to make it larger.---ANSWERED.  Read the manual again and realized that space is for the Vertival Profile if enabled.


2)  In the upper right corner of the MFD I see data that includes OAT, TAT, and TAS but I don't see any value for ground speed.  Is it found somewhere else (I also looked at the PFD) or not displayed at all.


3)  ANSWERED...SORT OF---In the upper right corner of the EICAS display (once I get to altitude and the OAT reaches less than 0 degrees C) I see a cautionary note that says ICE CONDITION, STALL PROT ICE SPEED, A-I ENG 1-2 VLV OPEN, and A-I WING VLV OPEN.  The top two are in blue and the bottom two are in white lettering.  The first one I believe is warning me that Icing conditions are present, though actual structural icing is not necessarily occurring.  The second one I believe is telling me that the FADEC automatically will allow for a higher  stall speed or is it telling me that I have to allow for a higher stall speed myself, not sure which.  The third and fourth ones are telling me about the Engine and Wing Anti-Ice system valves, but I'm not sure if it's telling me the system automatically opened them or if its telling me that I have to open them.---ANSWERED...SORT OF.  Read the EICAS explanations pdf a little more closely.  Only one I still have issue with is "STALL PROT ICE SPEED".  The explanation is "Reference speed has changed.  Set Reference Speed to Ice Speed."  Not sure where to do this?


4) A final question about repainting liveries that I cannot find.  I downloaded a user created paintkit with .psd textures included.  I don't use PS, however.  I use GIMP 2.6 to redo the textures.  One issue I am having is on a new skin for the E170 in the new Alaska Airlines SkyWest skin found on aircraft N170SY.  In the repaint, there are horizontal lines running the length of the fuselage.  These lines from both sides meet at the rear of the aircraft under the rear belly.  I am having a terrible time getting theses lines to match up because of the way the left and right side texture bitmaps are done.  Any tips on getting these lines to meet across the belly and remain size consistent?  Also, there appears to be a "skid bar/tail drag protection" of some kind along the rear of the belly.  The horizontal stripes I have painted have "bled over" onto just this skid bar, but not the belly, and are much more forward of where the horizontal stripes should actually meet.  Any pointers on that?


That's all the questions about the ERJ 170 and 190.  I would like to say that I have hand flown all my approaches and the aircraft is a dream to handfly.  Responsive and controllable.  I thoroughly enjoy her.


Finally, I read the "Read This before Posting" thread and have looked and looked in "My Profile" for a place to set my signature so the necessary info required for posting is included with each post, but I cannot find anywhere to include or update a signature in my profile.


Thank you,


Randy Tyndall

Win7 64-bit FS9 and FSX

FT E-Jets 170/190 v2


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