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HOT KEY creation and access with FSUIPC and VB

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this will set the keys. it assumes that keys you want to set are in key_codes(i) and that the corresponding offsets are put into key_offsets(i)

Public Function set_keycodes()

Dim x As Long

Dim i As Long

Dim k As Long

Dim dwResult As Long

Dim j As Long

Call FSUIPC_Read(&H320C, 4, VarPtr(x), dwResult)

Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult)

If x = 56 Then

i = 1

For k = &H3210 To &H32F8 Step &H4

Call FSUIPC_Read(k, 4, VarPtr(j), dwResult)

Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult)

If j = key_codes(i) Then 'can we find our hot key

key_offsets(i) = k

i = i + 1

ElseIf j = 0 And i <= 28 Then 'can't find it, find an empty slot and write it out

Call FSUIPC_Write(k, 4, VarPtr(key_codes(i)), dwResult)

Call FSUIPC_Process(dwResult)

key_offsets(i) = k

If debug_flag Then Debug.Print i, key_offsets(i), key_codes(i)

i = i + 1

End If

If i > 28 Then Exit For 'done entering hot keys

Next k

End If

End Function

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