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.XML parsing error

Fabian Hamans

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Hy there


When i try to setup Tracon 2012 amd tower 2011 i get a .xml parsing error inside file './Airfields      .afx'


I setup the Tracon 2012 for a multiplayer sesion and told the one with tower time etc, etc.

When he make a connection i see hin on my computer but on that moment he got the xml parsing error.

He clicks OK and he have a CTD (Crash to Desktop)


What do we wrong


I hope for a good solution


Fabian  Hamans



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Yes we have the same traffic and airport files

We have do a fresh install and no changes at any file.


I do a new install on the computer with the server (Computer A) and then i do the same at the client.

Install all stuff of tracon on computer A and B and the same for tower.


Both computers with connecting with tracon (B connect to A both Tracon), no problems

A start server and B Tower will connect to A tracon then i got the XML error.

Again all the files from both pc's are from a fresh install so i think that files are the same on both computers


Say i start New York as server i give the time etc to B the tower

Both PC's have New York as Tracon and as Tower

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