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ERJ 135/145 gauges are all blank, plus other errors


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I recently reinstalled my RJ pack cause I love this damn jet so much, but I am starting to get very discouraged. First off, regardless of whether or not I set it to start cold and dark or engines on, the aircraft ALWAYS starts with engines on. Secondly, the VC gauges are all blank and none of the buttons or switches on the overhead panel are operatable, there also seem to be a few missing textures. Finally, the 2D cockpit is literally just a big black rectangle when I load it up. I did some snooping in the files and noticed the main.bmp in the panel folder is just a black rectangle which makes me think the issue may be with the installation exe on my end.


Here is the VC I'm greeted to whenever the aircraft loads up. Note the engines are all on, so nothing should be off.

I've cleanly uninstalled, redownloaded the installer, and reinstalled multiple times and still I get the same issues.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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10 hours ago, FeelThere said:

Please install SP2 for fsX.

I have FSX:SE; doesn't it come with SP2? What makes this weird is that after the first initial installation, everything worked fine. No missing panels, gauges, textures or checklists.

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