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FSUIPC not seeing X56 buttons/axis anymore?

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Hi all,

This problem is driving me nuts! Installed X56 drivers/software and all was fine. I was able to tinker around with the button/axis assignments using fsuipc with no issues. Now i am sure i havent changed anything drastic (nothing new installed to P3D recently), but now only my EZDOK views work? When i go into FSUIPC and say click on buttons - none and i mean none of my buttons show up?? However in P3D does see them (If i enable stick/throttle again) and all buttons are assignable no issues. The X56 software sees everything ok all buttons and axis are fine - just FSUIPC has kinda stopped seeing my X56? Any idea what can cause that - have i unticked something??

I have uninstalled all drivers and software and reinstalled but fsuipc no joy. I installed fsuipc again (admittedly over the top??) - no joy

Does anyone have any idea or help please?? I find fsuipc exceptionally useful and dont want to go back to p3d controlling it if i can...I have never done a fsuipc log etc so if thats needed i will need to read up...




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I had exactly the same problem only yesterday with my x55 combo. Everything was fine and fsuipc was seeing the axis and buttons one day, and the next day for no apparent reason, Windows stopped seeing the axis and buttons. Both devices were shown as healthy and the icons were visible so it looked like everything was working normal. So It's nothing to do with fsuipc, it's Windows that's causing the problem. I surmise you are using Windows 10. There appears to be a problem with the madcatz drivers and windows 10. I've got a support ticket out with them and they are looking into it.

Anyway, after endless searching I read a thread on Avsim a while back where someone was having a similar problem and they fixed it by changing the device ID's in Windows. I downloaded and installed this brilliant little utility called JoyIDsInstall.exe which enables you to change the device ID in Windows. As soon as I changed both the throttle and stick ID's, Windows allowed both devices to calibrate as normal and because Windows could now do this, fsuipc could also see the axis and buttons again.

Everything was back to normal with fsuipc. Hope this helps ☺

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