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Hi everyone, Before i explain my new odd problem, i wanna be clear that i am sure  the problem is not the module, but since i understand nothing of hardware, i pot it here as maybe i can receive some help.

I start by saying that i have a Saitek X52 plugged in the USB, then Saitek Pedals, and saitek Yoke. All are plugged into a normal USB port of the computer, no USB adapters or USB hub.

Controls in FSX-Se are disabled and all is calibrated thru FSUIPC.

Now the problem is this , and never happened in the st 10-15 years. I have created two specific profiles in the Fsuipc, one for the airbus and one for boeing, so in base of the kind of plane i assign the profile. Well all the planes that have assigned the boieng profile cause a crash to desktop as soon as the flight is loaded. Example the trike is assigned to the boieng , so the saitek yoke, i load the trike andthe sim CTD. I load an aiirbus that is assigned to the other profile and the sim runs.I went to the FSUIPC  and delted the line that assigned the trike to the boeing profile i loaded up the sim and the trike was loaded correctly. Now if i load a plane like for examplethe NGX 737 Ryan aiir liver that has associated the saitek yoke, the plae crash to desktop But if i edit the file FSUIC.ini delete the NGX 737 ryanaiir from the boeing assigned profile and load it up, all works and at this point i can assign the profile to the plane again. The yoke works , buttons works no spikes nothing all works perfectly. When i close the sim and load it up again i load the same Plane and t crash to desktop.To make it work i should always delete the assgnemteinto the inifile and assign it again once the plane is loaded and this is really the first time it happens in all my  Sim life. Anyone know how to solve it? Yes i tried to unplug the usb and tried into another USb port without luck.

Thanks to everyone 

Alfredo Russo


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