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LVars and HIDMacros

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I've been using HIDMacros to use POS keyboards to represent panels of add-on aircraft such as the 146/Avro RJ and 737NGX. This has involved creating mouse macros in FSUIPC (v4.959) and linking them in the HIDMacros program and it has worked well. Now I'm attempting to do the same thing with the Captain Sim 727. Unable to create conventional mouse macros with this aircraft I'm having to resort to LVars which is fine using GoFlight buttons but I don't have the knowledge as to how to get them to work in HIDMacros.

A typical script used in HIDMacros would be HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCString &H0D70,40,"146:Eng1AI".  The 146 is the name of my .MCRO file in FSX Modules folder and the Eng1AI the name of a mouse macro created in FSUIPC.

Now, when attempting the same procedure with LVars in the 727 I get nowhere. I've tried equivalents like

HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCString &H0D70,40,"727:L:ELEC_U01_005_SW2_POS Tgl"     and 

HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCString &H0D70,40,"727:L:ELEC U01 005 SW2 POS Tgl"    to no avail.


Now I appreciate that HIDMacros is not your baby but can you provide any clues that could help.

I'm thrashing around a bit in my ignorance, not helped by my present lack of ability in using Lua scripts.


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