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Problems with KSAN on Tower3D Pro


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Having started the game at 06.31 ready for the first flights at KSAN. SKW5190 calls up for pushback, pushback accepted & the plane is positioned ready to taxi. However when SKW5190 calls up for permission to taxi & permission is granted to taxi to runway 9 the plane refuses to move & as a result is blocking access for planes & cargo flights going between there respected terminals or going from there to terminals to Runway 9.


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Unfortunately I can't do that as I've uninstalled everything to do a fresh install. However now I can't run any of the airports. See post on Tower3D Pro Crashes thread. If I manage to get the program to work I'll run KSAN again to see if it does the same thing again. If it does I'll p[ost the log file. Sorry about that.

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Having the same issue.  Attempted to upload my log file (645kb), but received a server notice I'm only allowed to upload 20.48kb size files (??).

Also, I only have aircraft at one terminal.  Haven't messed with the terminal files so still working with the default file.  What else....

Have purchased Real Traffic which works great with LAX & PHL.  Purchased real colour for KSAN thinking maybe that was the problem I only have aircraft at one terminal.

Any ideas??

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