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Air Collision repeating penalty bug


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Had this 2 or 3 times now.

Specifics are using KPHL and Real Traffic, no custom "timetable", just what 3D Pro came with.

Landing RWY 09R, Takeoff 09L - works fine with no traffic issues even with 100% traffic on... UNTIL...

a Dash Turboprop (DH2) comes in on finals

A following aircraft such as a CRJ will pop up, suitably spaced to begin with but as the DH-2 comes within 5 miles or so it's appreciably slower than the following aircraft.

I then get the "Air Collision Alert", over and over in the space of a few seconds - by the time I've managed to delete one of the aircraft, I've received -10,000 penalty points so the overall stats and session stats are basically junked and not worth keeping.

Only way out I've found is making any DH-2 land on 08 (or just delete the thing when it pops up in the arrivals strip) to keep them out of the way, I appreciate aircraft fly at different speeds, but given I can't change and they all come in, in reality spacing and airspeeds would have been dealt with by approach so I shouldn't see this?

If they get too close you get penalised - fine fair enough I take that on board and have to work out a solution but surely the penalty shouldn't spam multiple times and trash every session?

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