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Honolulu Tracon 2012


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Anyone tried the Honolulu addon for Tracon? I just got it yesterday and am trying to figure out a good strategy. Obviously its both PHNL and Molokai.

- Aircraft landing Molokai, should they be directed towards a fix for ILS clearance rwy 5? cant get them to accept any ILS or Visual approach clearance, a least not for rwy 5.

- Aircraft departing PHNL towards the mainland US I guess 16000 feet clearance is about right and have them fly their complete SID. Once reachng altitude I just hand them over to Honolulu center?

- Aicraft departing PHNL towards any of the other Hawaii islands, about what altitude should they be cleared? I guess like 8000 or so? If so I guess they should remain on your frequency unti leaving the airspace boundy? Any good stratefy for them?

Thanks for any help.    


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Hi Mike did you ever figure out the what was happening with the Molokai landings? I have just started playing the add on and are not able to get flights to Mkk to recognize the airfield either with the "report runway in sight" then cleared for visual command or a vector. any help appreciated. 

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