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P3D V4 and connecting EFB (AvPlan)

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Have recently set up a home based sim for currency running P3D V4 with intent of connecting to my real world EFB, AvPlan for moving map/charts function.


AvPlan has a built in feature to operate in sim mode and will display the aircraft as per the sim's aircraft position, and functions fine on our certified Elite flight sim at work running P3D V3.

The install/set up details for this connection as per the app pdeveloper are: http://www.avplan-efb.com/ext/AvPlan_FSX_Connection_Guide_v1-0.pdf

I have carried out the set up as indicated including purchasing the FSUIPC5, however i am unable to get it to work.


I have tried turning firewalls off, and looking for any specific settings that may be hindering the connection however cannot find a resolve. I'm leaning towards it possibly being a difference in the new V4 that isn't updated accordingly on the AvPlan end.

Anyone already set up similar on V4 or have any ideas?


Appreciate any assistance, 



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Hi James,

I recently had the same problem with Prepar3d V4 and AvPlan and managed to resolve it by following these steps:

  1. Complete all the steps as per http://www.avplan-efb.com/ext/AvPlan_FSX_Connection_Guide_v1-0.pdf
  2. Go to https://github.com/diegonehab/luasocket
  3. Under Clone or download choose Download ZIP
  4. Extract the contents of the downloaded file
  5. Navigate to the /src folder
  6. Copy all the *.lua files to /Modules/lua in your Prepar3d installation directory
  7. Run Prepar3d. It should now be linked with AvPlan on your iPad.

Good luck!


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