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A320 Bundle Throttle Problem


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Using P3Dv4 w/ FSUIPC 5. 

I have recently purchased P3Dv4 and flown some fighers for test(fun) purposes everything worked fine. 



Recently, I purchased A320Family Bundle(for training purposes), however, I wasn't even able to  move thrust levers on any A320 using my Pro Flight Quadrants (or  slider on my Joystick). 

After reading various threads on forums,  I purschased FSUIPC in hopes of fixing the problem. It didn't help. I am still not able to move thrust levers past of IDLE on A320. Thrust/Throttle is not moving forward of IDLE DETENT. Using FSUIPC, I was finally able to move thrust levers however this time, they only move between ''IDLE and MAX REVERSE''  




If anyone can direct me to a fix that would be great. I have read/watched various articles and videos yet nothing helped. 

I am not the most computer savy guy but I was always able to utilize various add-ons, in different flight sims w/ multi controllers and screens. What am I missing here?


I am sorry if I posted this in wrong place, in fact it is my first time ever seeking help. 

Thanks in advance,



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