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ERJ 145LR FMC cannot exit JSTK mode


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I am running the FeelThere ERJ145LR in FSX/Win10. My issue is that after previewing my flight plan using JSTK mode (accessible via the MFD bezel), I cannot seem to exit this mode. That is, while flying, the MFD map still has my plane centered on the last waypoint I selected via the SKP and RCL buttons, no matter what combination of FGC or FMC buttons I press.

Can anyone offer any tips on how to get the MFD map to center my plane where it actually is, as opposed to having it centered on the last previewed waypoint?

Thanks for any advice!

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Hi again,

Just updating this to say that I found a solution, although not sure if it is the "official" one. The MFD flight plan preview (JSTK) mode can be exited by "RCL"ing back to the first waypoint in the previewed flight plan. Then, an additional click of the RCL button moves the aircraft icon from the previewed flight plan to the position on the MFD map which represents the aircraft's current position.

Not sure why this flight plan preview mode is called "JSTK"? In any case, issue resolved.


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