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ERJ 135/145 P3D Lights issue in P3Dv4.5


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Hello.  I installed the P3D portovers of the 135 and 145 a few months ago and flew them around a little.   Today I noticed that the lights are not working properly.  On the 135, I have only landing lights and one static light on the tail.  The nav lights, beacon, strobe, and logo light do not work.

On the 145, I have a working strobe on the tail, static white lights on the wingtips, and landing lights only.  No logo light, no nav or beacons.

I have seen a couple of other posts about this that do not seem to be resolved.  There has been a suggestion that some users experiencing these light problems have installed some kind of third party lights, or have somehow messed up the default P3D lights.  That isn't the case on my system.  I have not introduced any new software or modified the default P3D installation other than adding ORBX Global Base and Vector.  I am also running Active Sky, but that's it.   None of that should interfere with the lights.  All the other P3D default planes have all working lights.  All my third party aircraft have full working lights.

I made sure I have the latest version of the ERJ package, and just re-installed the package.  Same issue. 

I am running the last hotfix of P3D 4.5 on Windows 7-64. 


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