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Hello there. I am writing this post as I would like to share with you guys (girls also), an FSUIPC Java SDK that I wrote, recently.

Wait, what? There is one already! A 32 bit one written by Mark Burton and 64 bit one amended by Paul Henty, which was released quite recently. Why another one?

You are right. Short answer is, that I was studying the existing SDK and I found out, that the FSUIPC_Process function is being called for every data read/write from within the C++ wrapper libraries that serves as the bridge between FSUIPC and Java. That means, for every single value you want to read/write from/to some offset. That might be an issue if you would like to use it in an app that does multiple read/writes per second. I coded my SDK differently in a way that it reflect the approach the would be used when using C++. Register multiple read/write requests and then process them all in one call of the process function. Both, the 32 bit and 64 bit wrapper libraries have been modified. But also, due to the different approach, any existing code using the "old" SDK will not be compatible and will require rewriting.

I am not saying the existing SDK is bad. It was a great starting point for me, thanks their authors for writing it. I am just offering alternative SDK here. It may also contain bugs or bad design... well, the more people who look at it...you know, more eyes, see more 🙂 

Anyway, if you are interested, you can read more about it (and also download it) at my website here. Will be glad to hear your opinions, suggestions, bug reports... 😉

Update 25.9.2020 - I added the project to github: https://github.com/Mouseviator/FSUIPC-Java  , in case anybody wants to co-develop the API further with (or without) me 🙂

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Hi, just wanted to let know all interested, that the SDK has been updated. Here is what changed (in short):

  • Added: Some Junit tests.
  • Added: Added the LuaHelper, MacroHelper and LVarHelper classes.
  • Added: The FSUIPCLVarLuaMacroTest.java into the FSUIPCSimpleTest project to show the usage of the added classes and to test them.
  • Added: isConnected function to the FSUIPC class.
  • Fixed: Constructors of primitive data request that takes initial value (constructs WRITE data request) always ended with Exception due to missing command.

I did not raise the version number, so the names of the zip on my web site still indicates version 1. The zip file that John and Pete includes in distribution of FSUIPC will be named like 1.1 however. But no matter from which source you get the SDK (with FSUIPC, my website, github), they all should be updated.

Stay safe and happy flight-simming 😉

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