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HDG Mode not Working **SOLVED**


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This is for the E175 Model V3, using P3Dv5... This has happened the last two flights and both times the HDG Mode is inoperable. I switch from FMS Mode to V\L Mode and click on the HDG button. When I change to the desired heading the aircraft does not turn to capture, it continues on a straight course. Speed control seems to work as it should when clicking to manual from FMS mode. Any ideas what would cause this. I have never had any problems with HDG Mode in the past. I am actually quite annoyed as I do enjoy flying the E-Jets. I should add also, this is occurring on the TOD--> Approach phase. HDG Mode seemed to work during Takeoff phase when I wanted to capture the LNAV waypoint.





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  • canadagoose1 changed the title to HDG Mode not Working

I have  Uninstalled\Re-Installed and I am going to redo the flight. Maybe I had a corrupted Installation before, but I re-downloaded the latest executable program file, so we'll see when I redo the particular flight where I seemed to have this problem. HDG Mode works OK after Take Off and during cruise, it's just when descending on approach to my destination that I noticed my problem. I will report back after the flight, good or bad.

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