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lua manager for overloading a button

Blake Buhlig

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I wanted something like TripleUse.lua to overload the trigger button on my Alpha, but not finding that it or anything else I ran across did what I wanted, I wrote my own.


The basic supported pattern is a train of consecutive button clicks,
and a variant is the train of clicks except with the final click
continuing to be held down. Different actions are signaled by changing the
length of consecutive clicks or click-and-holds. For example, the actions on
the overloaded button as noted below left, could trigger the corresponding
actions below right.

- single click and release : reset view
- single click and hold    : transmit voice while held
- double click and release : toggle view zoom
- double click and hold    : enable 2nd use of other buttons while held
- triple click and release : toggle internal/external view
- triple click and hold    : enable 3rd use of other buttons while held

Each click and release sequence toggles a different virtual button, to which
you can assign in the INI file like any physical button. Similarly each click
and hold sequence will press a virtual button during the hold and will
release the virtual button once the overloaded joystick button is released.

Upon detecting a particular sequence, the module will play a short audio
WAV file as feedback to you about what it detected. As an example, in my setup
I generated generate morse code WAV files from
per the below table, so that the dit's and dah's correspond to the
sequence of clicks and holds. 

Letter    Morse Code   Representing
 ===      =====        ======================
  E       .            single click
  T       -            single click-and-hold
  I       ..           double click
  A       .-           double click-and-hold
  S       ...          triple click
  U       ..-          triple click-and-hold
  H       ....         4x click
  V       ...-         4x click-and-hold
  5       .....        5x click
  4       ....-        5x click-and-hold

Then, one final sound: the WAV file "ovrldbtn.wav" is played on startup of the
framework, as an indicator the framework is ready and as a test of the sound
system. For my 'ovrldbtn.wav', I used the aforementioned website to generate a
morse code WAV file that plays the word "ready".
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