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PMDG DC-6 for MSFS, FSUIPC and events not supported by the normal suspects.


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As I guess most of us now know, MSFS does not simply use the list of commands FSX used and so cockpit building is somewhat frustrating.  I have managed to get the Garmin 430 and 530 working using Mobiflight Event Lists with FSUIPC (I don’t use any Arduinos so I can’t use just Mobiflight) so that is a start.


Now the DC-6 hoves into view with its Gyro-pilot and I am back to the forums to work out how to control the beast from my rig.  I found this here somewhere on MSFS Forum:





DC6_AP_PITCH_UP#440 100 * 8 + (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)

DC6_AP_PITCH_DOWN#440 100 * 7 + (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)



And after asking John he tells me it is as simple as picking Rotor Brake from the FSUIPC dropdown list and using the parameter.  I.e. to switch the AP on bind a button to Rotor Brake with the parameter 43401.  That simple!  So, half done.  The 440100*8 is still a bit of a mystery.  I assume the *8 controls the amount of increments the wheel move, maybe.


Anybody know?


Also, the yaw control is not mentioned.  I assume that is in the SDK but not sure where that is.


Any ideas?

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I seem to have solved this (I think).  I have set up the following:

All are as simple as picking Rotor Brake from the FSUIPC dropdown list and using the correct parameter

Toggle AP on/off 43401

Toggle AP Handle 40401

Toggle AP alt hold 43601

Pitch nose UP 44008

Pitch nose Down 44007

yaw left 44201 on press and 44204 on release

yaw right 44202 on press and 44204 on release

I think Abort AFE is 29 but not confirmed.


Hope this helps anybody else.


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