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Ejets V3 p3dv5 clickspot troubles


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Sorry if these questions have been answered elsewhere - I could not find them if they were.

Purchased E-175, 195 V3 with sp3 to use with p3dv5. Following the manual, I tried to use the TO/GA clickspot which is supposed to be above the speed button, but there is no clickspot at there.

I saw a post the said I had to delete or rename a file in the aircraft’s panel folder in order for this product to work with p3dv5, so I don’t know it that’s my problem. The file to delete is A2A_windshield.dll. I cannot find this file to delete it.

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@Wrightt, Although I can confirm that this click spot is listed on page 26 of the E-jets v3 manual, it's not implemented, and I don't know why. It was implemented that way in earlier versions. There are two other ways to activate the TO/GA mode: (1) click on the button on the rear of the engine one throttle (see attached pic), or (2) use the Joystick tab in the EMB Configuration app to map a button in your controller. 

I know the manual also says on page 30 that "The TOGA buttons are not modeled" but that's not the case. Though a good manual, quality control is poor. 

Hope this helps.



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Thank you, Sax, that is most helpful.  I saw a few other things in the manual that applied to earlier versions that are no longer valid. I wish they had taken the effort to update it. Incorrect documentation is worse than no documentation.

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