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BAE 146, TB Velocity One and Throttles


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This is probably just something silly on my part, but I can't get the Throttles configured properly for the BAE 146 using Turtle Beach V1 Yoke. I have the middle 2 levers mapped to Throttle 1 and 2 respectively, and I am trying to have Throttle 1 mapped to 1&2, and Throttle 2 mapped to 3&4. It looks fine on the settings page, but the Throttle output range is only 16384 to 0, and 0 corresponds to 50% throttle in the plane. How can I have the output value set to a negative value so the place will actually idle properly?

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Problem, solved. JF 146 is using THROTTLEn_AXIS_SET_EX1

1=AU,256,F,67103,67110,0,0,*-1    -{ TO SIM: THROTTLE1_AXIS_SET_EX1, THROTTLE2_AXIS_SET_EX1 }-
2=AV,256,F,67117,67124,0,0,*-1    -{ TO SIM: THROTTLE3_AXIS_SET_EX1, THROTTLE4_AXIS_SET_EX1 }-

in profile worked. Just had to add the ,*-1 to reverse the output values and it works great.

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