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First of all I have to give a slightly cheeky 😱 - you really should get a human to proof read the manual, afterall that huge "SUMMURY" heading on page two is an off putting sight for first language English users. Yes, I appreciate your Italian heritage, but such a large typo gives a wrong impression about the quality of the software.

But to the point: I do have a couple of pre purchase questions. In FSX there was a freeware recorder software that allowed me to record and re-record flights so that I could have myself flying multiple aircraft in a formation. In my case I would fly five Christen Eagles and save. In fact I have receorded up to seven Eagles in formation; I have a proof image (many to choose from actually), but the forum restricts file size. Ah... Here's a thumbnail image. 7 Christen Eagles (the Long Island Classics version) all flown by me recording incrementally so that I had 7 recordings in the end, each with one extra plane.

Anyway, there were no restrictions to FSX aircraft / third party developer ones. No cautions or warnings as to how complicated the software was. In fact it was so simple to use, it needed no handbook, just a one page readme text. Helicopters? No problems.

So what is your msfs software capable of. I see words like "ghost aircraft" - what are these? Can I do multi aircraft flights like in FSX?

Thanks for any advice.


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