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  1. E-jets v2 P3D v4 - Couple of bugs

    Scoob/Ariel on the same subject - please please please :-) can you consider a release of a simple fix for the MCP color? The color does not fit the rest of the cockpit at all... Thanks again, Shom
  2. Hi, First, big thanks for releasing the E-jets for P3D v4! However, I did notice a few issues related to the wing view (which I use a lot) - 1. In the E175 - spoilers (once deployed partially) are not seen from the wing view (they do show up in external view though... weird) 2. In the E195 - wing lights are not aligned with the wing tip - they seem hanging in the air (wing view only as well, external view is fine) Thanks & looking forward to the ERJ 145 for P3D v4 as well Shom