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  1. +1 This and the lighting issue during dawn/dusk are some major issues that should be fixed
  2. Hello, Thanks for working on SP1. There is still an issue with the flaps structure on the E175, see below comparison of flaps 2 setting. Outer flap structure now includes 2 parts however it is hardly noticed as the flap angle once extended is completely off (you can barely see the bottom part extending). Shom -- Mods edit: subject line to reflect aircraft being discussed
  3. Shom


    Great guys thank you!
  4. I prefer the team takes the time testing it thoroughly before releasing it. Too many other examples of companies rushing to release and introducing regression issues.
  5. Correct I use simply a Logitech joystick. It did not reproduce in several E175 takeoffs I did beforehand
  6. Makes sense. I would move the wing view to be external but the downside is that you get along with that the external sounds which do not sound realistic.
  7. @scoobflight understood so why do the throttles move automatically forward after reaching a certain N1 value? What is the point of me pushing the throttles forward as well? I remember seeing before release a YT video shared by a beta tester (and pilot) who said the throttles advance on their own
  8. I use the gear method as well it just seems to me an unrealistic procedure...
  9. @scoobflight it seems Kevin is looking at the wing from external view, I am actually looking at the wing from the cabin view. I've set up this view by simply moving the X/Y/Z coordinates set by default in the aircraft.cfg under the camera wing view section
  10. Hi, Today during the takeoff roll in the E195 the throttles moved forward automatically (after arming the A/T and pressing the TOGA button). However after about 10 seconds when around 80 knots the engine throttles went back for no reason so I had to manually override them to complete the takeoff run. What could cause this?
  11. Hello, For some reason the aircraft engines are not visible from the front wing view. Like the engines were not modeled when looking out of the aircraft. See attached E175 example (relevant in the E195 as well).
  12. It's old but very good (and also freeware) I've been using if for over 10 years... The strongest point is that it's rock solid always vectoring you correctly never crashing etc... On the downside it does not handle SID/STAR vectoring and also does not support voice control. Check it out it's freeware now...
  13. Thanks Jamie! I actually do use the VS function (-1000) usually below 10,000 ft. I use radar contact which gives you step descents while vectoring you. I guess I'll have to take a longer downwind to make sure I'm levelled off for some time before capturing the GS.
  14. Hi, I find it very difficult to reduce the speed of the E175 on approach towards landing (to a point I need to use the speed brakes up until before the landing). The NGX which I also find hard to slow down is even easier to slow down. Is this a normal behaviour of the E175? If so any tips on how to set the plane better for approach? Thanks! Shom
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