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  1. Hi! FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 is on the way! This will be a free update for all customers FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 Feature Update wil add "PlayAsAI" feature that it will permits play a recorded flight as AI Plane . User can flight in a normal way and he can see and flight near AI plane of his previously recorded flight! Very useful feature! Meanwhile you use one instance of FlightControlReplay for use "PlayAsAI" feature , you ll can start another instance and record your flight at the same time! FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 will have also one another important feature ! But more details will come near the release. Stay tuned ! Will be available in next month/s. Fabio
  2. Hi! perfect , i m happy that FCR works well also for you ;-)
  3. Hi! I ll check next week and if i found issue i ll release a new build!! Thanks alot for this . Do you tried to disable airplane crash in p3d?
  4. Hi ! i announce that next free update of FlightControlReplay Professional will include THE MOST REQUESTED FEATURE: "PlayAsAI" feature! User can use previously recorded flight for create an AI plane into P3D/FSX meanwhile he fly with another plane. For vNext FlightControlReplay there will be a strict integration with some useful hardware like: -MICROSOFT SURFACE DIAL -HTC VIVE VR (i dont go more in detail but i ll go in summer time) -TOBII EYETRACKING -MICROSOFT KINECT This feature will only a start point! For future FCR version i have a lot of surprise. (Next Free update and future 2017 major version release will be free for current users)
  5. Hi! I sent now a new build of FlightControlReplay Professional to simmarket . Build 3.0.1703.31: -Added new XBOX ONE S CONTROLLER support for move timeline slider and / or map buttons for Play / Record / Stop / Pause features. -Added more variables to record and play · ALL ENGINES PARAMENTERS (NEW!) · ALL FUEL TANKERS REALTIME LEVEL (NEW!) -Resolved bugs that prevent use Input Hardware for Device Button Shortcuts mapping. -Resolved bugs in playing PMDG 737 / 747 Flaps, Ailerons and gears . -Resolved a bug that prevent smoothness Playing Runway landing. Note Obviously not all 3rd party aircraft support all vars.
  6. Do you have a custom needs ? Do you want record variables in an open format (not crypted)? Do you want FlightControlReplay special version that record custom variables? Do you want add to Professional version custom features only for you? Contact me at flightonfly@gmail.com
  7. Hi Frank, thank you for your support! Yes i ll contact directly and we ll see.... Nowadays i m fixing 747 v3 , 777 pmdg flaps spoiler and gears... In v4 i think i ll add official sdk support from pmdg. thank you Fabio
  8. Hi Frank! Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest. I dont tested FlightSimLabs A320-X into FCR but for sure i tell you that it works for movement Yaw pitch roll speed . Surfaces and gears maybe can be works well but i dont tested it . If there will be an SDK from FlightSimLabs and playing surfaces recorded doesnt work i ll fix it in future free updates. I belive in my FCR software and i m focused in bring it to the max potential with free updates and a new version(4.0) in autumn with a lot of improvments (free for all customers) Thanks Fabio
  9. Hello!! thank you for your support. For PMDG 777: - I ll fix flpas in next release On takeoff I always get tail strike. On landing the plane slam the ground. and I never get smooth landing. Also for these two point i ll improve SimOnGround management (when aircraft leave or reach runway) For the smoke i dont know right now BUT i asked PrecisionMAnuals use his SDK for Full cover all parameters of PMDG airplanes ;-). These will be in 4.0 release (free for current customers)
  10. Hello! Do you downloaded last version from simmarket 3.0.1701.31 ? PMDG 737 works well flaps spoilers and Gears. For flaps in 777 Flaps and 747 i ll fix in next release . For wingFlex i record only simulator default vars. In this period i m working with PMDG SDK official for support directly PMDG custom vars (wingflex for example). (for future vNext updates) Fabio
  11. Hi ! new Extended Review in MICROSIM n.278 MARCH 2017 issue !!!
  12. Hi! in next build (Free March Update) there will be: All supported Engines simulation variables recorded All supported Tank Fuel simulation variables recorded XBOX ONE CONTROLLER Support (also for navigate Time Slider inside Simulator) More to be defined Fabio
  13. Hi! I sent now a new build of FlightControlReplay Professional to simmarket . Build 3.0.1701.31: -Added more variables to record and play RADIO NAV / COM / TRANSPONDER / OBS / ADF (NEW!) · INNER OUTER MIDDLE MARKER (NEW!) · CONCORDE VISOR NOSE HANDLE (NEW!) · ENG PROPELLER LEVER POSITION (NEW!) · ENG MIXTURE LEVER POSITION (NEW!) · PROPELLER RPM (NEW!) · GENERAL ENG COMUSTION (NEW!) · GENERAL ENG STARTER (NEW!) · GENERAL ENG GENERATOR ACTIVE (NEW!) · GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVELER POSITIONS (NEW!) · ENGINE N1 (NEW!) · ENGINE N2 (NEW!) · Landing Lights, Strobes, Panel Lights (PREVIEW) -Load Previous Flight Situation before played a Recorded Flight (When double click Stop Button) (NEW!) -ALTITUDE TRIGGER FIX -Bugfix for AI framework player (not public released) Note Obviously not all 3rd party aircraft support all vars.
  14. Hi ! Thank you for your purchase! I m working on release a january update with Radio Com NAV implementation, rollback to your existing position (after play a situation) and other little things. For February update i m thinking about introduce other things in the cockpit , but i must make a MCD for all aircraft and not all aircraft use same sdk , for example PMDG use custom vars. But i m investiganting using PMDG SDK directly ;-) Fabio
  15. Updated Main initial Announcement with new Variables added and variables that will be in next free update.