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  1. Hi guys! Summer is finished and now i m enrolled in make a great FlightControlReplay v4 Update 1 (FREE for all customers bought FCR)!! Stay tuned for all things that will contains 😉 F
  2. FabioMerlo

    Problems with PMDG 777 record

    Hi! I understood what you say! With PMDG since v4 , a replay loaded starts in pause mode for allow users to a better understanding . BUT if you want wait all Initializing that PMDG make itself when you load i advice you make this steps: 1) Load a PMDG replay from FCR 2) You ll see Flight in PAUSE sim mode 3) Unpause simulator and leave PMDG make his properly initialization 4) After PMDG initialization phase stop , put sim in pause 5) Click your PLAY button in FCR or via in-gamemenu and have a good replay Let me know if i understand well and if you resolve 😉 F
  3. FabioMerlo

    Problems with PMDG 777 record

    Hi!! It seems you dont have installed simconnect redist from prepar3d folder? Thanks Fabio
  4. FabioMerlo


    Hello Jean! Thank you for your feedback! I m preparing new website and here there will be video and instruction that help customers to make great replay and use it for home or professional creation! Thank you very much Fabio
  5. Hi! I m come back to summer vacancy and in a few days i ll start collect all "nice-to-have" i received from all customers for FlightControlReplay v4.X (Winter 2018)! If you want write me your "nice-to-have" please write me at my email or send me a pvt message or write here in my forum 😉 This Autumn there will be grat news!! The first is new Website that will contains all videos , info, tutorials, and where the product will grow up in the future ! (Hw integration, new features and a lot more) for make great replays and use it with rendering feature for create excellent video for home or professional use! F
  6. Hi ! Thank you very much for your notes! -) for spot view I advice use all cameras other than spot . -)for 3 minutes of replay I think you mapped one keyboard shortcut that interfere with FCR key map you defined , please check 👍 -) for ailerons and elevator I ll check ! Please keep in mind that I m adding support to a lot of planes in next updates ! Thanks f
  7. Hi ! First of all thank you for your support!! 😉 do you tried fix FPS to 30 in p3d and 30 FPS also in FCR options? Do you recorded with FCR option “automatic” ? If yes try record at both 30 in p3d and FCR options and let me know ! thanks fabio
  8. Hi Mike! Definitely yes ! There is a lot of work for that. I ll put it in vNext2019 (major version in 2019). thanks f
  9. Hi! sorry for delay i read today and i answered! Thank you for your collaboration! I m happy you solved and welcome aboard 😉
  10. Hi! Thank you for support! Sound that you configure via option dialog in FCR it is related to microphone(record and play) . Sound of your flight recorded is played by simulator itself . f
  11. Hi ! For fsl airbus compatibility I ll test it during summer and I ll write news as soon as I have . I ll keep informed about this topic!
  12. Hi, i opened this topics for share with you Press reviews and YouTube Reviews filmed by the most important Flight Sim Youtubers. FlightControlReplay v4 is only a start point! FCR vNext will include also a lot of new features like "Camera Recording", FlightIllusion gauge integration, Microsoft Surface Dial integration and much more! Thank you for this hot summer !!! FROGGLESIM CHANNEL www.theskylounge.tv
  13. Hi! I added a new video that it shows how Customer use FlightControlReplay for Record and Play video (also commercial) For FSL airbus functionality i ll hope to test and add features(if needed) in next mid-term version in autumn ! FCR vNext will include also a lot of new features like "Camera Recording", FlightIllusion gauge integration, Microsoft Surface Dial integration and much more! Staytuned F
  14. Hi please try use Locked View for avoid jitter but im pretty sure that as you told before in P3D > 4.2 it is much better! . For Sound On and sound off i check but i ll fix it in next bug fix update soon. For Flaps and landing gears i think you dont see because starting from ColdAndDark it is not supported. There are a lot of varibles custom for every plane , but i m adding more vars every build i release 😉 F
  15. Hi, thank you for your purchase. Performance was increased from version p3d 4.2 . For Sound off message i ll check into and i ll let you know. For cold and dark situation i advice not use because fcr record and play the most important vars but not all parameters for 3rd party addon.For wind noise it is udible only in certain occasion but since p3d 4.2 it is much much better! keep in touch! f

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