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  1. Hello! Sorry for delay , please install Simconnect FSX-SP2 redist you find in FSX installed folder
  2. Yes !!! I hope have a lot to share 😜! Yes ! You can click on disconnect and you can click connect as many times as you want
  3. Hi !!! For audio lagging i never experienced this issue , but I ll analyse this and inll come back to you as soon as I have repro it . for the reverse thrust, I m working on it for have better enhancements in next update 😎
  4. Hi !!! Thank you very much for your question ! if you talk about video render unfortunatelly rendering codec not support sound recording, because video rendering is made frame by frame for reach 60 FPS . This value will be enhanced in next version ! for sound I ll have to share more soon 😎
  5. A lot of Flight Simulator's Company asked me a Custom version of FlightControlReplay! Do you want get a QUOTE? Contact me at Flightonfly@gmail.com
  6. Video Rendering is already in Reality mode but for gorund traffic there is an asobo bug that it can have side effect to accelerate ground vehicles . I hope will be fixed in SimUpdate 4
  7. Hi ! For make a video render you need make these steps: 1)Load a recorded flight 2)Click on the videorendering button 3)choose filename for your mp4 4)you see in that way VideoRendering button become green and sim start render frame by frame (remember sound is not recorded) 5)when you finish click VideoRenderingbutton and you ll see this become Red. 6) Close FCR For record with multiple camera angle no problem ! Record a normal flight . After when you load it you can change camera at a determined position you want ! Open the b
  8. Hi ! If you click options and you have CTD it is because you dont installed : Directx SDK redist and visual c++ redist you found link in readme.pdf. If you dont have access to these write me in pm and i send you link. If you dont see recorded file is because you dont installe simconnect version FSX - SP2 accell pack redist 😉 Let me know via PM thanks
  9. Hi!!! I tested VR with Acer and Lenovo headset but I think it should be the same for all Wmr . pressing the wmr home menu button is the only thing you can do with the Wmr controller. when you have Wmr home menu you can navigate with mouse choose fcr for msfs and run it . In that way you can interact with fcr and with Wmr menu with the mouse .
  10. Hi!!! I m thinking you run the wrong version of fcr ! Installer install all 3 version of fcr . Fsx p3d and msfs . For msfs you must run fcr that you find in flightcontrolreplaymsfs folder . Let me know
  11. Good ! Now I detail you all steps : Run msfs Go into plane in the cockpit Put headset and launch FCR for MSFS (not fcr for fsx or p3d ) Be sure you lunch FCR only after MSFS If you see in the header Window1 is because or you launched wrong version (fsx or p3d version) or you have msfs not in running
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