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  1. Hi pilots! I m back from an hot summer! I m hard work for develop all features i announced (and more :-D) . I announce today DOFREALITY Motion platform support!! (www.dofrelity.com) in version FlightControlReplay v4.5 ! There will be more news between now and the release date! @Beta team stay tuned!!!! For FlightControlReplay vNext (after release of v4.5) will be a lot of news ! And also vNext will be free for all customers!!! F
  2. Hi ! instant replay works in that way . Press instant replay button . From this point you ll see yellow slider goes at the end of timeline . At this point if you go back with slider you can relive or reflight situation from that point . After that if you want go back to standard mode you press Instant replay button . f
  3. Hi! It is compatible with p3d v4+. Did you installed prerequisites that are wrote in readme ? I have tons of users use it perfectly in v4+ And also I use myself for training purpose ! . If you have issue send me an email and you ll see all See this fantastic video production recorded with Flightcontrolreplay with p3d v4.5 f
  4. FabioMerlo

    Freeze after takeoff

    Hi Hal! Thank you for your support! I ll let you know at the end of this week ! This summer is Hot πŸ˜„ Thanks F
  5. FabioMerlo

    Carrier AI

    Hi! Thank you for your support! I need check it because if use standard SDK there is no issue about but if it use a custom solution , it can be more hard to do .... stay tuned πŸ˜‰ Fabio
  6. Hi All! FlightControlReplay v4.5 is near end Alpha version. But before start Beta testing i want add another important feature that a lot of people asked me in this months ! And i want refine Rendering Video algorithm (that in my opinion will be a v2 of what FSRecorder made a lot of years ago! I want remember all that v4.5 will be FREE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS ! Stay tuned for info ! F
  7. Hi all! work on FlightControlReplay v4.5 continue ..... will be a great version !! In the meantime I ll start think about FlightControlReplay v5 ! New UI , New Way use replay , new interpolation algorithm and a new version for Advanced users ! Stay tuned
  8. Updated post with this sanapshot video ! - "New Video Rendering Mode" (COMPRESSED VIDEO CAPTURING) [See last Youtube Video with a snapshot of v4.5 FlightControlReplay v4.5 Video Rendering FrameByFrame and High Interpolation] We are near the end of dev !!! Time frame for release is spring / early summer 2019 FREE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS !!! With a lot of surprise πŸ‘πŸ‘ . Follow also my Instagram and Youtube channel FlightOnFly and my website flightcontrolreplay.wordpress.com
  9. FabioMerlo

    Wrong replay speed

    Hi Dave! My algorithm for Play a recorded flight is changing .... Now i have a new method for render. In FCR v4.5 will be a new Video Rendering Engine ( High Frame Rate ) that it will render a video starting from FCR Flight recorded. Frame by frame rendering . This Video Rendering Engine use my new algorithm. This is a first step introduction before make it available also for Record and Play features. Fabio
  10. FabioMerlo

    Freeze after takeoff

    Hi ! Yes I received soon i ll let you know my analysis πŸ‘
  11. FabioMerlo

    Freeze after takeoff

    Hi Hal! Thank you for your kind words!!! Very strange behaviour do you have FCR files tio provide me via email? Thanks F
  12. We have only 20% for declare features complete phase and after ..... go beta testers!!!
  13. FabioMerlo

    Record aircraft loads?

    Hi !!! Sorry but I should test Milviz ! I ll let you know about !! If you use p3d enhanced version you don’t see jitter if you fly in formation . Please remember that I advice fix FPS in p3d and also in FCR for avoid this issues. I ll let you know soon ! Thank you very much!!!

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