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  1. FabioMerlo

    Freeze after takeoff

    Hi ! Yes I received soon i ll let you know my analysis πŸ‘
  2. FabioMerlo

    Freeze after takeoff

    Hi Hal! Thank you for your kind words!!! Very strange behaviour do you have FCR files tio provide me via email? Thanks F
  3. We have only 20% for declare features complete phase and after ..... go beta testers!!!
  4. FabioMerlo

    Record aircraft loads?

    Hi !!! Sorry but I should test Milviz ! I ll let you know about !! If you use p3d enhanced version you don’t see jitter if you fly in formation . Please remember that I advice fix FPS in p3d and also in FCR for avoid this issues. I ll let you know soon ! Thank you very much!!!
  5. Hi All , new update v4.0.1903.27 contains an important fix for people dont see Flaps And Gear replay for PMDG 737 777 747 . PMDG 737 747 777 MUST HAVE IN THE AIRCRAFT TITLE THE WORDS "PMDG" / "777" or "747" or "777" AS YOU HAVE WITH ORIGINAL PMDG LIVERY. IF YOU HAVE CUSTOM LIVERY PLEASE CHECK IN AIRCRAFT CFG!
  6. FabioMerlo

    changing camera view

    Hi Jim! thank you!!! I hope it will be always more a milestone in this world ! yes you can change camera ! In next version v4.5 will be also an automatic way change camera during replay πŸ˜‰ f
  7. Beta team in next weeks will receive a call πŸ˜‰ F
  8. Meanwhile FlightControlReplay v4.5 develop continue...... we are building an Alpha version for next major version. This alpha version use Tech that will be release in Windows 19H1 or 19H2. Thanks to Microsoft MixedReality developer program! F
  9. FabioMerlo

    Record aircraft loads?

    Hi!! thank you very Much ! I m curious about Milviz phantom! Next week I ll test it and i ll let you know πŸ‘ f
  10. Hi , this will happens in future FlightControlReplay v5 series πŸ‘ f
  11. FabioMerlo


    In next update will be integrated into installer (vc redist and directx sdk redist ) .
  12. FabioMerlo


    Please install Vc 2008 redist and direct x redist you see in read me file . Let me know
  13. Hello ! Beta team prepare for takeoff ! Stay tuned in February ! F
  14. Hello, i m happy announce that thanks to last technology developed for FlightControlReplay v4 , i m able build custom version of FlightControlReplay . You are a Commercial Flight School ? You want a custom version with exclusive features ? You are a professional, FlightSchool, Simulator owner, home user that want more .... Contact me via private mesage or at my email and ask me your customized features or Commercial license price! Thanks F

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