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  1. Hi ! I want notify you about development of FlightControlReplay! FlightControlreplay v4.5 version is under development and I hope soon start beta testing . Sorry for this delay but I want deliver a bounch of new features that you can see in my last post AND also a new way to record our flight!!! Stay tuned! In April I ll contact all people wrote me email for ask enter in beta test. Please if you are interested write me at flightonfly@gmail.com In meantime , I m thinking about what 's new in FlightControlReplay v5 version ! Between v4.5 and v5 will be 10 months about ! But I ll keep you posted with more frequent updates about new features in the meantime I m develop these! (Mixed reality - a VERY WONDERFUL AND NEVER SEE FEATURE IN THIS FS WORLD for Replay tool (I can not talk about) and FINALLY NEW UX more professional and more helpful!!) And last but not least a surprise for you!!!! I m very excited about new Microsoft Flight Simulator! 😉 Remember that v4.5 and next v5 will be FREE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS! The policy remains the same ! Stay safe @StayAtHome #iorestoincasa F
  2. Hi! Do you can show me screenshoots? please send me at my email 😉
  3. Hi Morph sorry for delay!!! For avoid issue in Options dialog , please install vc ++ redist and direct x redist that you find at the end of readme file. Maybe in the next FlightControlReplay v4.5 or v5 I can add option that change FPS directly in-game (at least for recorded file) F
  4. For sure my driend! You ll be one of the beta testers!!!!! F
  5. Hello, i m happy announce that thanks to last technology developed for FlightControlReplay v4 , i m able build PERSONALIZED and custom version of FlightControlReplay . You are a passionate home flight simmer or a cockpitbuilder? You are a Commercial Flight School ? You want a custom version with exclusive features ? (for example hardware integration) You are a professional, FlightSchool, Simulator owner, home user that want more .... Contact me via private mesage or at my email and ask me your PERSONALIZED and customized features or Commercial license price! Do you want Variables Export ? Do you want Custom personalization? Do you want specific airplane support? Thanks F
  6. I ll make extensive test for pmdg nexu in upcoming flightcontrolreplay v4.5 👍 and v4.5 FCR will be free for all customers !!!
  7. Hello Thank you for your purchase! I m happy help you! First of all you must run as admin FCR otherwise i cannot have access to integrate with P3D or FSX. Did you installed prerequisites that you find at the end of readme file? For jerky , do you tried with camera other than Spot ? (Spot is the only can have issue...try test locked spot ) LEt me know! Thanks
  8. Hi! Sorry for delay . I think it was fixed in v4.5 but if you are beta tester we ll test as soon as i ll release a new build 😉 F
  9. Hi! I m starting fill out the list of beta tester ! If you want be part of this beta FLIGHTCONTROLREPLAY V4.5 Please send me a PVT message here or an email at flightonfly@gmail.com Before Christmas will you enrolled !!! F
  10. Hi ! I m finalizing first Beta build of FlightControlReplay v4.5 .... In next weeks Beta start! If you are interested in enroll yourself in Beta group please let me know via PVT message! As soon as i ll pubblish first beta i ll announce features here 😉 F
  11. Hi! As announced a couple of months ago, FlightControlReplay v4.5 will support since the day one Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Surface Dial. Thanks to Microsoft Italy and his support to indie developer i was able develop Surface and Surface Dial integration in FlightControlReplay software. Stay tuned for how you can use these hardware for record , play and move yourself through the flight recorded timeline! (in FlightControlReplay v4.5 Enhanced version for P3D) F
  12. Hi pilots! I m back from an hot summer! I m hard work for develop all features i announced (and more :-D) . I announce today DOFREALITY Motion platform support!! (www.dofrelity.com) in version FlightControlReplay v4.5 ! There will be more news between now and the release date! @Beta team stay tuned!!!! For FlightControlReplay vNext (after release of v4.5) will be a lot of news ! And also vNext will be free for all customers!!! F
  13. Hi ! instant replay works in that way . Press instant replay button . From this point you ll see yellow slider goes at the end of timeline . At this point if you go back with slider you can relive or reflight situation from that point . After that if you want go back to standard mode you press Instant replay button . f
  14. Hi! It is compatible with p3d v4+. Did you installed prerequisites that are wrote in readme ? I have tons of users use it perfectly in v4+ And also I use myself for training purpose ! . If you have issue send me an email and you ll see all See this fantastic video production recorded with Flightcontrolreplay with p3d v4.5 f
  15. Hi Hal! Thank you for your support! I ll let you know at the end of this week ! This summer is Hot 😄 Thanks F
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